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We are a full-service creative agency that produces marvelous music, videos, and animation content. Our team of passionate “Wise Guys” lives outside the box. When you crave for attention, they deliver eye-catching ideas. Most importantly, they breathe life into your imagination.

Art of Animation

Animation is literally translated from French as “soul.” So, the process of animation is actually the “ensoulment” of characters!

Seeing is Believing

No matter what YOU do! OUR job is to tell YOUR story! Our videos have touched hearts across the world.

World of Music

We’ve created over 100 songs in 2019 alone helping artists realize their dreams in over 36 countries!


We offer turnkey music solutions to both independent artists and corporate brands. Production, mixing, vocal production, and songwriting. We keep track of the latest trends and styles happening in the music world to make sure that you get a product that is not only modern & unique but also appeals to the audience. If you want to create something spectacular, then let us help you do it!


Video production is the foremost medium of storytelling. Which is why our team focuses on creating dazzling content that grabs the attention of your audience. Our team of directors, cinematographers, and scriptwriters deliver striking ideas that help you stand out! Ad films, music videos, event showreels, AVs - We do it ALL!


Our team of animation professionals is here to help you bring your imagination to life. We have thorough expertise in crafting 2D & 3D animated series, explainers, and feature films. We cover everything from 2D, 3D and Stop Motion to CGI, Visual FX and Motion Graphics.

Corinne C.

Shrai has unique and innate sensibilities. He creates interwoven melodies that uplift my own. He is quick to make any changes suggested and is very collaborative throughout the process of bringing a new song to life. He has an incredible ear and doesn't seem to be challenged by songs that aren't the norm with multiple keys. I hope to work with Shrai again and again. There is no challenge he hasn't met.

Cayan O.

Shrai is very easy to work with, gets the job done very fast with an amazing, better than expected result!


Shrai is a great musician. Wonderful person to work with. Understands and delivers what’s expected from him. A pleasure to work with him. I would love to do many more projects with him.

Masha H.

I needed beats in the style of Iggy Azalea. Shrai did an amazing job and provided me with the beats exactly what I needed. Very professional and pleasant to work with. Thanks Shrai!

Chetan D.

Amazing! It's so critical in today's fast-moving pace that someone "gets it"! Shrai got the track from the get-go! He works fast, super-efficient, and is amazing with taking a vision and materializing it. He knows his stuff, and more importantly, understands what the industry will expect. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Chad S.

They’re a one stop shop for all when it comes to music composition and production. He took our song from scratch and built it into a high-level track. His efforts, dedication, and detailing to perfection made it really easy for us. He also helped us in so much of learning around this subject. We will definitely work with him again! 101% recommended.

Sonny X.

Thank you Shrai for the hard work and beautiful music you have done for me. Shrai is easy going and a hard-working person with lots of knowledge in the music industry. We shared several messages and samples until it comes to my satisfaction. It's important to make a new beginner artist happy and give him motivation by making good music for him. And he did exactly that!

Navneet S.

Shrai is a wonderful musician with a keen sense of music. He was very professional in his approach. He was great at both the planning and execution of the project. It was a pleasure to work with Shrai and I look forward to working with him again. Highly recommended for people looking for producers for their projects.

Jeffrey B.

They did a great remix for us! We will use him again in all of our future work!

Dilpreet S.

I would love to work with you again! Super fast and high-quality work. Very professional and friendly treatment. So far the best experience with any producer that I worked with. I'm really happy.

Robin A.

Shrai was great to work with. He helped me get clarity on my project and was very patient with changes that needed to happen with my changing instructions. Really put in the effort for a quality production. Will work with him again.

Yasir Z.

Highly professional, talented, and easy-going. I could get the best results only because of his cooperation and readiness to make whatever changes I demanded. Looking forward to making a thousand new collaborations :) :)

Poojan D.

Shrai, magically gets what I exactly was thinking about my composed song to sound like. Very responsive. Sticks to timelines. Delivers the best!


Yet another amazing remix of one of my tracks by the brilliant Shrai. In my opinion, he is a superstar re-mixer in the making. Just superb.


Excellent producer! Very creative, responsive, professional, kind, patient! Thank you so much Shrai for your wonderful work, we look forward to using your services again!

Harmeet S.

It has been a pleasure collaborating with Shrai. He was very professional, had a very positive attitude, and stuck to the committed timelines. He was also very flexible and added a lot of value to the project through his suggestions and expertise.

Raahil C.

Great guy, easy to work with and perfect results! Highly recommend Shrai!

Michael N.

I really appreciate working with Shrai. Fast, good, and professional all at once. We'll work together again!

Ashutosh U.

Been an absolute pleasure working with Shrai!

Drew S.

Fast and very talented!

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We keep track of the latest trends and styles happening in the creative world to make sure that you get a product which is not only modern & unique but also gets your message across effectively. If you want to create something spectacular, then let us help you do it!