TWB Digital is focused on delivering simple, cost-effective as well as cutting edge solutions for process communication and visual learning.

Our aim is to create a brand that businesses will recognize as a leader in the digital transformation of their product literature, creation of engaging and interactive content, and using the latest technology for effective communication.

Our team consists of highly skilled instructional designers, graphic visualizers, and professional coders. Our external advisors and researchers play a crucial role in assisting us in vetting solutions to ensure that our evaluation criteria are upheld.

“Universally Education and Communication are not only moral imperatives but an economic necessity, to pave the way towards making many more nations self-sufficient and self-sustainable.”

Because organizations often fail to make large-scale investments in product communication, they often fail to realize its potential as a business asset.

Organizations who deploy mobile solutions for field agents and employee training have seen.

Increase in Productivity

Increase in Revenue

Decrease in Costs

Unstructured learning is more affordable for the enterprise and more accessible to remote employees than the structured learning of classrooms, mentors, and formal on the job training.

TWB Productions works with corporations all around the world to serve and build communication strategies that cut downtime,  efforts, and costs in the field. Today, 72% of businesses are transforming their literature into digital media.

Our clients range from engineering tool manufacturers, fintech corporations, power sector, hospitality industry, pharmaceutical machine makers, various start-ups, and many small and micro-enterprises. By using our self-reliant learning content and communication strategies companies have eased into the new age of digital communication. This new and efficient transformation can be used by all employees and customers reducing costs and increasing profits.

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