E-Learning Solution

We help organizations in developing digital training modules. We transform your company literature, and mundane in-person training using visual aids and interactive web/mobile-based gamification. This end to end process communication with engagement in the learning enhances information retention rates and improves employee skills.

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Learning Management System

We help you improve your service efficiency and effectiveness by creating a knowledge-centric web and/or mobile-based app.

The key features of an LMS incorporate easy data management with high levels of security, employee registrations, personalized assessments, and tracking.

Its applications range from creating effective workforce training systems, as well as developing clear and concise product e-detailers.

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AR and VR Experiences

By transforming complex practical training with interactive, simulated VR experience we encourage effective skills development. Or provide an immersive digital experience so that the customers can sense the product value rather than just seeing a product video. An effective way of communicating the product benefits that can only be sensed by using the product.

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Engaging Product Videos

We conceptualize and produce high-end explainers with live-action, 2D & 3D animations which improve engagement and enable effective communication. Use them in your marketing emailers, sales presentations, or during exhibitions to attract new audiences.

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Sales Toolkit

We gain a thorough understanding of your customers and their personas to identify their pain points and motivation for buying. We then design distinctive, visually engaging content for both the customers and the sales team to facilitate communication about your product/service. This provides a value proposition for accelerated onboarding of sales channel partners and/or builds trust amongst customers.

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Interactive Product Manuals

Through visual product manuals, we strategize and develop a digital solution that includes instructions on operations and maintenance. This state of the art solution is a mix of engaging videos, animations, and interactive presentations. Using these self-aid manuals, we assist manufacturers in empowering their customers to be self-reliant. It also helps in simplifying the after-sales process.

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Visual Communication Consultancy

We provide free consultancy to upcoming start-ups and off-line manufacturers to digitally transform their product literature and develop training content in the most effective and affordable ways. From using free online tools to creating simple sales presentations or static brochures we will deliver visual communication aids and marketing collaterals.

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