A digital product manual is a one-stop solution for customer retention, product training and promotion. We compile interactive visual product guides that can engagingly convey your product information. It has become the need of the hour to pertain to virtual horizons for curtailing business expenses and increasing revenue.

Why Visual Product Manuals?

Visual product/user manuals is an interactive product that helps in strategizing or giving apt user guidelines to your customers, prospects, and after-sales executives.

How Would It Work?

It is a cloud-based 2D/3D interactive presentation/video that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

This guide incorporates product instructions, servicing, and maintenance. Also, it can deliver the right steps to the employees for handling troubleshooting errors. Isn’t it convenient to get your product brochures and manufacturing materials loaded into a small device?

To understand it better, we have listed a few drawbacks of conventional printed manuals as follows:

  • Have little to no impact as they are neither engaging nor easy to consume.
  • Language is a significant hindrance. If your goal is to spread your business globally, multiple copies need to be translated, published, and distributed.
  • Low visual appeal and ineffective communication.

On the other hand, we bring you product manuals in an audiovisual format that depicts the product details quite efficiently. Our interactive manuals provide multiple advantages to various departments:

  • It helps in providing training to the employees of the support and service department to understand the steps and processes of product maintenance.
  • Interactive visualization of products allows the team to avoid monotonous and tedious training sessions that are otherwise done through conferences and seminars. Thereby reducing the time and resources spent on execution.
  • With this technology, your company can get a visual 3D mockup, assembly of attachments, ease of usage, and service training.
  • Uniform standardization of training modules and product service guides is made possible by using this cloud-based solution as it can be easily updated based on any modifications in your product specs.
  • Enables employees to convey better product guidance and trials to the end-users.
  • Decreases expenses on sales support costs and training seminars.

In comparison to conventional product guides and manual booklets, our interactive manual is cost-effective, engaging, and above all, aims at the profitability of your business!

We are a team of experts who strive hard to customize these interactive product manuals as per your business requirements. Right from the dissemination of crucial product information to the conversion of engaging data, we are revolutionizing the offline and start-up business mechanism with cutting edge digital solutions.