How to Promote Your Music – The Right Way

There is no one way of achieving the kind of traction you are searching for. It is the combination of several methods which can get you closer to your goal of getting your music heard by a larger audience.

Here are a few ways you can go about it:

Music Blogs-

Music blogs have their own set of audience that can easily turn into your fan base. Bloggers continue searching for great new content to share with their readers. Hence, they make a great way of presenting your music to people who have never heard of you before. Since there are so many genre specific blogs as well, it makes it easier for you as an artist to select the ones you want to reach out to. This is a great way of converting music connoisseurs into fans of your work.

Social Media-

It’s an obvious point since this is the age of the internet. But it is very important to use your social media profiles in the right way so you actually connect with people who want to listen to new music. Plain promotional posts don’t work well in making a new fan base. It’s important to share interesting aspects of yourself. This may include the story behind your new track, some trivia about how you got into music, etc. Having a personal touch goes a long way in creating an awesome social media presence.

Collaborations –

Collaborating with artists who make music similar to yours is a great way of presenting your music to a new set of people who already like listening to your genre. It’s cross-promotion 101 and benefits all the parties involved. Collaborations can give rise to symbiotic relationships through which you can post each other’s music even when you’re not a part of it. This is a sure-shot method of garnering a major new fan base.

Hope this helps you in creating a good strategy before you release your next track!