We at TWB Digital are engaged continuously in the virtual enhancement of startups, small businesses, and offline manufacturers. Our sales toolkit accelerates the onboarding of sales channels and wipes out ambiguity on concepts and product-related doubts. After all, any business can flourish on a digital platform if its marketing and learning information is perfectly designed.

A sales toolkit is essential for any new entrant in your sales team to imbibe all vital product information and the latest campaigns surrounding them. We believe in the visual representation of this information to ensure maximum learning and retention.

Our inclusions in the sales toolkit:

  • Customer Acquisition – We design the toolkit to engage customers and communicate visually about your products or services. Customers can retain product information much better through visuals.
  • Product Promotion – The sales toolkit is based entirely on the effective marketing of your products by showcasing its features and specifications.
  • Sales Team Structure – An ideal kit includes the roles and responsibilities of your sales team to propagate transparency and higher efficiency. It is instrumental in facilitating better management, thereby increasing sell-through.
  • Uniform Sales Process – Availability of uniform scripts and sales data can ensure transparency in the sales team with operational flexibility. Actionable insights can be presented through videos that are often skipped in conventional training.
  • Marketing Collateral – This helps in targeting customers and generating business prospects through virtual communication. The better you convey the details, the higher would be your success rate.

Best in class organizations have always invested in communication strategies. Our laser-focused team of experts assures you a highly efficient visual toolkit to improve conversions and drive sales.

Redefine your business with us!

We know that details in documents are always overlooked, unlike in videos and graphics. Our well-designed learning and marketing material will ensure that you can run your business even from the comfort of your homes.

Our powerful sales toolkit will enable your team to effectively explain and promote your product and services in front of your customers.