COVID 19 pandemic came out of nowhere and changed the whole working culture around the world. Governments of all countries directed people to stay at home to fight against it. Organizations had no choice but to accept the new norms and resort to work from home. This solution to decrease the community spread had its issues. The organizations implementing work-from-home policy face a considerable challenge to keep the employees productive and efficient during this time.

The time has come to reinvent ways of learning and to improve the skill-sets of your employees. There is a wide range of digital tools to do so. Let’s see how smart HRs are conducting training using them:

  • Online training: It is the most common and economical type of training. It consists of online videos, tests, and online reading materials.
  • Group Discussions: They work best for a specific employee group, like sales.
  • Mentorship: In this, the experienced mentors of the organization train a particular group of employees.
  • Virtual Reality training: It is a new tool for training that enables employees to experience real-life scenarios through virtual reality.

Organizations must understand that apart from the employees’ safety, their professional development also takes priority. Indeed, work from home won’t last forever, but training can never wait for it to stop. Online training has many benefits, which can be advantageous even after the threat of COVID 19 is over.

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